Bachelor interior design. Within the six-semester Bachelor’s degree in interior design at the Stuttgart University of Technologies, future interior designers study application-oriented and with a focus on design and style.

Interior style is closely associated to holistic questions and tasks of architecture.

Subsequently, throughout the course of the degree, buildings, interiors, furnishings and furniture are treated as a unit. The imparting of well-founded technical, inventive and organizational knowledge essay on natural disasters and its effects enables our students to develop into competent generalists.


Undergraduate studies.

After the basic receiving to understand one another and the compulsory system throughout the semester preparation week, the initial lectures begin. Within the modules design and style, style, technologies and knowledge, imperative fundamentals are dealt with. The students function on styles in space and scenography and carry out initial project operate and investigation on current buildings and furniture

Within the second semester, the selection for the time on the external study project is produced – optionally in the fourth or fifth semester.

Key course.

Inside the third semester, two designs having a focus on space and furniture are to become worked out in parallel. In the third semester onwards, personal interests is often deepened via elective courses.

The prior study projects are summarized within a portfolio and form the basis for an application for the external study project.

External study project.

Workplace internship or companion university.

Within the fourth semester, you could decide between the designs “room” or “furniture”. Under the title “Building within the Existence”, the spatial draft offers with the sensitive handling of listed constructing stock on a actual developing in the vicinity and all design, technical, material-specific and legal matters within this context. Furniture design has a job of greater complexity on the subject.

In the fifth semester, a “scenography” design is supplied.

According to the design and style, the external study project requires location either within the fourth (summer time) or fifth (winter) semester as an workplace internship in Germany or abroad or as a study at among our companion universities.


The sixth semester is primarily dedicated to the Bachelor thesis. By establishing this scientific work independently, the students show that they’re able to professionally solve a problem inside a provided time frame.


The study of interior design and style is divided in to the places of men and women, furnishings and space.

Because the user of our designs, the concentrate of interior design and style is on persons. The teaching contains subjects in the fields of anthropology, ergonomics, psychology and color perception, but also presentation, advertising, architecture, design and style, art and cultural history.

In the interface amongst folks and space, furniture is of central significance in interior architecture: it ought to be tangible, functional, effectively created, ergonomic and steady. Selections for construction and production too as the continuous change in furniture design and style would be the content material from the courses. In the course of their studies, all students design and style at least one piece of furniture and understand it as a prototype.

The style of space ranges from the building of a built shell towards the atmosphere and mood. The theory course bargains with crucial teaching content material on building construction, technical expansion, lighting design, material justice and sustainability in design. In the project study, this information is applied in space drafts along with the outcomes are communicated within the form of presentations.

The bachelor’s degree enables up-to-date and sensible study of interior design, which is based on the technical feasibility of inventive options. With person selections, you may set thematic accents and deepen your very own interests.

The focus is around the following subjects:

Interior, furnishings and scenography Perception, design and presentation Ability to function within a team and interdisciplinarity Communication and language skills International contacts

We shape the issues we construct, thereafter they shape us. The core task of interior style is to produce spaces and to shape the constructed environment as outlined by human requires. Each wants and spaces can differ greatly. Irrespective of whether or not they apply the skills they have learned directly in expert practice or deepen it within a master? S course, our graduates are prepared to get a wide range of activities on the basis of a diverse selection of study projects that reflect the spectrum of several tasks. P >

Bachelor interior design. Within the six-semester Bachelor's degree in interior design at the Stuttgart University of Technologies, future interior designers study application-oriented and with a focus on design and style.


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